PPP Round Two

Jan 11, 2021 - by Yesenia Doyal

Happy Monday!

Hope you are all staying warm. Unfortunately, no snow for Houston but we did get a cold front. Maybe next year! As we start the new year some things remain the same, like COVID, continuing to social distance, wear masks and going back to 50% capacity for restaurants. These restrictions can cause a toll on sales revenue while the bills continue to pile up. Which is why we encourage all small businesses to apply for the second round of PPP. 

What is a PPP? PPP stands for Paycheck Protection Program. It is a loan provided to businesses so they may continue to keep their employees on payroll, pay rent and utilities. Any PPP used for payroll, mortgage interest payments, rent/lease payments or utilities may be forgivable. If you received the first round of PPP you can still apply for the second round of PPP. 

First Time Borrower Application: Click HERE

Second Time Borrower Application: Click HERE

For more information on PPP and other loans visit www.sba.gov. Your bank can also help you through this process or financial advisor. 

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